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Check out the  100% Human Hair Volumizer it comes in a 10″ 14″ and now 18″. We also have 100% Human Hair Extensions 16″  and 20″. Check out what customers have said below.


Get the look you want with extensions. They are wonderful for weddings we sell the very best hair on the market today. Check out our braided headbands too.

NEW Products now being introduced: 1st New product is the 20″ Extensions. We now have a volumizer in 3 sizes, 10′ 14′ 18′  and is made of 100% Human Hair and will give  you that extra volume. For all the new looks, check it out under Extensions.

What customers have said about our products here are just a few and what they said!

  • Lisa in Chaska said it was the nicest hair piece that she has ever used. She just loved it, and said it was so easy to use and take care of.
  • Suzi from Minnetrista MN. I just love the New Volumizers they are so nice and such great quality.and so easy to put in.
  • Carmen from Chanhassen, The extensions and Volumiers are so wonderful, i just love them, what a difference they have made in my hair. Great product!!
  • Mary from Eden Prairie said she just loved the feel of the Human Hair, and  how easy it was to put in, and that her friends never knew she was wearing anything.
  • Susan from Burnsville said she just loved the wigs she bought and had so many friends and family say how nice it looked on her, and that it looked so natural and the color was so pretty.
  • Deb in St Paul said wow  i love the hair Pieces and Scrunchies they make getting ready so easy, they are wonderful. I can not leave the house with out them.
  • Over the yrs. there has been so many customers that have written wonderful letters and stopped by one of my events to thank me for all my help and I just want to say it has been my pleasure to help in any way.

Many of my customers love the quality of our Wigs and hair pieces, they feel and look so real.

  • Luanne from west of the cities said how she loves the wigs and no one ever knows when she is wearing one. Most friends think she just has her hair done, they look so natural she said. She loves how affordable our prices are as well.
  • Woman from all over MN:
    We have been doing home visits for about 18 yrs now and at most all of our home visits, woman have told us what a great service we have. How thankful they are for us to be able to come out to their home.

I just want to thank them for allowing me to visit in to there homes and sharing in there lives and stories with us. We hope to continue offering this service free of Charge.

I do get many calls after I have been to there homes and they want to thank me for spending the time with them. I  have priced our wigs so that they are affordable, to most woman in need and many are covered under insurance so always check with your insurance company.

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