S Braided Head Band


These braided headbands add simple elegance. Coupled with other hairwraps or ponytails, they will transform your look in seconds.

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Banana Split-24BT102, Boysenberry Treat-33, Brownie Finale – 4, Butter popcorn-24B613, Butterscotch-24B/27C, Chocolate Rasp. Truffle – 4/33, Chocolate Souffle- 2, Cinnamon Toast-27T33, Cocoa Twist-8/30, Cocoa-8, Coffee Cake-12, Cream Soda-14/22, Creme Brule-24B22, Eclair-24BT18, Fire and Ice-27, Honey Glaze-24B, Hot Fudge-1B, Hot Pepper-30A, Iced Mocha – 4H27, Luscious Caramel-10, Marshmellow-27T613, Nutty Fudge 1B/4, Peach Tart-27B, Poppy sead-22MB, Pumkin Spice-130/28, Rasp Twist_6/33, RootBeer Flt-12/30BT, Straw Sht.Ck-27MB, White Chocolate-613


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