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I currently have a store location in the Hutchinson Mall. Address is 1060 HWY 15 So. Hutchinson MN. 55350. In addition to my shop, I offer in home visits and I have a pop up shop at Eden Prairie Center. You can also order on my site. As you can see our wigs are so natural no one will know your wearing one.

Our Mission:

The objective of my business is to provide the highest quality of wigs and hair products on the market today. Along with the most reliable service to our customers. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site and using the products, as much as I have enjoyed providing them for you.

My Story:

I was asked by many of my customers to write about why I started my business and what it means to me.

I wanted to make a difference in the life of women going through Cancer and hair loss. By making things easier for them. After the loss of my Mother to Cancer and seeing how hard it was to find nice and affordable wigs. As well as finding someone who knew something about wigs. I started my business, by keeping wigs affordable and offering expertise with color and style. I started home visits for woman that were to sick, to come to my location. I have traveled all over MN. I am proud to offer a one stop shopping experience for woman undergoing treatment for Cancer and Hair loss. The way you feel about yourself each day, often begins with your reflection in the mirror.

Check out our wigs, they are the highest quality wigs on the market today. With an array of Beautiful colors and styles to choose from, we can accommodate all your Hair needs for the today’s image conscious woman. Thank-you for checking me out, I know you will always be satisfied. Free shipping with orders of $50.00 or more.

Our Company

At Mary’s Hair Designs, I offer 18yrs. of experience and my expert knowledge of how to match colors, with skin tones and match faces and head shapes to the style of wigs that you will need. Taking my  business to the web  has been my  dream come true, you can log on and look at the different styles. I offer home visits for woman going through Hair loss. All you have to do is tell me which wigs to bring. When I arrive I will go through everything you will need to know about a wig, such as how to style and clean a wig. Plus, I  have nice turbans and scarves as well on our web site. It makes selecting a wig a lot easier to do. You can have friends and family members there to help you in the process as well. We do not charge for this service, it is free.

The fabulous fashion wigs and on my site are carefully selected to match every customer’s needs. They are lightweight, ultra-comfortable, natural looking, long, medium, medium short, short, curly, wavy, straight, along with a full range of natural colors makes the process even more exciting.

I also offer Hair pieces for Weddings and Dance.
100% Human Hair Extensions, Volumizers 10″ 14″ now 18″ all 100% Human hair to enjoy.
Our goal is to provide not only the best products on the market today. But the best customer service to match.
If there is ever something you cannot find please e-mail  me or call us at 952-946-7949. If I can help you in any way possible, please let me know.

Phone: (952) 946-7949

If you are not sure of color send a hair sample!
To check out our Policies click here!

When e-mailing me make sure you let me know who you are, give a name or information on the product you are interested in.
Mary’s Hair Designs has Wigs and Hair Pieces for Formal, Business, Classic Beauty, Weddings, Dance, Prom or just For Fun. We do home visits as well.

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